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Mission Statement

RelianzBank will position itself in the community as a responsive and reliable banking institution providing impeccable customer service. We will strive to establish solid, long lasting relationships with our clients in a manner that builds loyalty and dependability. We will provide competitive loan and deposit products while enlisting the latest in technology for the convenience of our clients.

RelianzBank will be staffed with seasoned, local bankers who are familiar with the community and targeted market. It is critical to our Mission to build the very best team of bankers possible. This will ensure our ability to truly deliver the highest degree of customer service available. We believe the best form of advertising will come through building the very best team of bankers possible whom establish themselves in the market as being responsive and reliable.

We will leverage the vast experience of our Board of Directors and shareholders. We will consider opportunities to further expand upon our Board of Directors and/or shareholders where we can deepen our presence in the community and the leadership of the bank.

We will focus on maximizing shareholder through steady, profitable growth while building a banking institution that can take advantages of strategic opportunities.